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  1. Spanish Learning Flash Cards
  2. Alfabeto Match It! Spanish Alphabet Puzzle
  3. Spanish Alphabet Sound Puzzle
  4. UniVerse of Song Learn Spanish Sing Along Children CD
  5. See Inside Spanish Alphabet Peg Puzzle
  6. UniVerse of Song Learn French Sing Along Children CD
  7. French Bananagrams Word Game

    French Bananagrams Word Game

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  8. French Learning Flash Cards
  9. Spanish Numbers Sound Puzzle

9 items

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Why do kids need Foreign Language for Kids?

Hola! How would your child like to learn to speak Spanish? We live in such a multicultural world, that it’s a must for our children to understand the importance of diversity in culture, languages, and traditions. Introduce foreign languages for kids early by playing the bilingual games, listening to the songs and music in various languages, using interactive toys for children of all ages. Our Foreign Language for Kids section appeared by the necessity to bring more bilingual toys to the American market. You and your children can choose learning toys, games, puzzles and CDs that will acquaint Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Mandarin or other foreign language for your kids.