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  1. Learn Fractions Foam Magnetic Math Set
  2. Fraction Equivalency Stacking Cubes Math Set
  3. Fractions Pie Puzzles Fractions Learning Toy
  4. Rainbow Fraction Tiles Math Set
  5. Rainbow Fraction Math Balance
  6. See n Solve Visual Fractions Calculator
  7. Fractions Matching Educational Game
  8. Puzzle Pies Numbers & Fractions Food Play Set
  9. Fraction Formula Math Learning Game

9 items

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Why do kids need Learn Fractions?

Teachers and parents know that the concept of fractions is not easy for children. Math gurus say that if a student understands fractions, then they can master any math concept. It is then very important for educators who teach mathematics to have the best educational materials to present fractions to kids the most approachable way.Fractions are the essential step between basic math and early algebra. Educational Toys Planet presents problem solving materials, math toys, and educational games to help children learn fractions. Learn Fractions math skills section offers educational products to ease learning of this math concept, turn math operations with fractions into challenging fun instead of struggle. Think, play, solve and learn fractions!