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  1. String a Farm Lacing Activity Toy
  2. Beads and Pattern Learning Card Set
  3. Quercetti Filo Lacing Toy
  4. Lacing Pony Manipulative Activity Toy
  5. Farm Lace & Trace Panels
  6. Lace a Shape Toddler Lacing Toy
  7. Caterpillar Gear Toddler Activity Toy
  8. On Safari Puzzle and Lacing Playset
  9. Primary Lacing Beads Wooden Lacing Toy
  10. Colorful Caterpillars Shapes Matching Game
  11. Alphabet Lacing Cards Preschool Learning Set
  12. Lacing Sneaker Wooden Toy
  13. Lace-a-Long Farm Puzzle Lacing Activity Toy
  14. Lacing Beads in a Box Wooden Toy
  15. Shapes Lace & Trace Panels
  16. Button Up Bear Lacing Activity Toy
  17. Pets Lace & Trace Panels
  18. Lacing Peacock Manipulative Activity Toy
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Items 1 - 18 of 22 total

Reverse sort direction

Why do kids need Lacing Toys?

Lacing is one of the important every day life manipulative skills. Learning to lace shoes, crafting with laces requires concentration, patience, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Lacing toys are among the best instruments to develop all these skills in children. Children will work with their fingers and improve their dexterity playing with Educational Toys Planet’s lacing toys. Our quality lacing toys for toddlers and preschoolers include popular activity play cubes, lace and trace toys, colorful lacing beads, learn to dress toys.