Hydro Dome - Grow Plants Hydroponically

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12 years +
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Biology, Observation Skills, Experimenting Skills, Care of Plants, Exotic Plants
Recommended Age12 years
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Dimensions of Box9.25" x 9.5" x 4.75"
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Description of Hydro Dome - Grow Plants Hydroponically

Imagine a fun new way to grow your plants! The Hydro Dome home garden is grown with a rack that suspends vegetation in the air in rock-wool net pots. This unique way to cultivate a garden is what makes the Hydro Dome, by DuneCraft, an engaging activity for all young gardeners. Children will start to see thriving results of their hard work within a few weeks! The Hydro Dome - Grow Plants Hydroponically science kit teaches young botanist the responsibility of taking care of living things. This children plant kit includes a greenhouse, hydroponic tray, 4 net pots, 4 soil cubes, 1 pack of lettuce seeds, and 1 bag of Part A nutrients (1.5oz), 1 bag of Part B nutrients (1,5oz), nutrient shovel, hydro pump, and directions. Educational Toys Planet gives the Hydro Dome - Grow Plants Hydroponically so that young botanical scientists can enjoy growing their own plants! DuneCraft guarantees growth for all their plant kits!

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  1. by Kim, NJ on Dec 9, 2011