Fun with Your Dog

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    Fun with Your Dog

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Dear owner, WOOF! It's me, your dog. We haven't spoken for a while. In this letter I want to tell you how I am not like you. Because, when you were pretending to be a puppy last week, you missed some important facts. #1: We don't shove everything we see in our mouths, thank you very much. We actually only like eating some flavors. #2: We do not have a sense of smell as bad as you(no offence). We can recognize up to 20,000 odors! And you? A measly 10,000! Beat that! #3: We can't see as good as you. Dogs only have black and white eyesight. Pathetic, I know. That's why I'm mad at you whenever you tell me to get out of the closet. I am actually working on an invention that can allow dogs to see colors in the closet. Thanks, and next time give us dogs some dignity when you pretend to be a pooch. BuddyIsn't it a shame that we can't all get letters like this? Yea. But while your canine is learning to write, we can give you an alternative: the Fun with Your Dog activity kit by Scientific Explorer. This science kit will allow you to do all the things your dog has mentioned in the letter above, and more! Use special lenses to see like a dog sees. Cook special biscuits to taste real dog food. This science set for young dog lovers is so exciting, even DOGS use it. An, you can't possibly beat that.

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