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  1. SeaScope Land and Underwater Telescope
  2. Kids LED Headlamp Outdoor Toy
  3. Mombo Snake Kids Magnifying Glass
  4. Kids First Metal Detector Science Toy
  5. Binoculars & Wildlife Activity Journal Science Set
  6. Extend a Net Telescoping Handle Bug Net
  7. Backyard Safari Explorer Role Play Costume Set
  8. Port a Bug - Portable Bug Habitat
  9. GeoSafari Deluxe Magniscope - Kids Microscope and Telescope
  10. GeoSafari Bugnoculars Bug Viewer
  11. Bella Butterfly Bug Catching Net
  12. Science on Nature Walk Field Explorer Kit
  13. GeoSafari BSI - Bug Scene Investigator Science Kit
  14. Bug Playground Backyard Activity Bug House
  15. Compass Binoculars for Children
  16. Happy Giddy Binoculars for Kids Outdoors Play
  17. Magnifying Bug Viewer Outdoor Toy
  18. Pocket Scope Mini Microscope and Mini Telescope
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Items 1 - 18 of 33 total

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Why do kids need Backyard Science?

Calling all little adventurers! Get ready to explore and discover a whole new world of outdoor science and excitement! Educational Toys Planet's Outdoor Science presents the most unique exploration and discovery toys for children. Grab your compass and binoculars, set up a camp site, and hang on to your explorer kit. The intricate pretend play sets, observation tools, bug catchers, kids binoculars and other outdoor science toys will lead your children to make new discoveries and take exploration of their world to new levels.