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Foss Kits

  1. Minerals, Geodes, Fossils Science Kit

    This fascinating science kit from Young Scientists Club is divided into 3 segments: Minerals, Crystals/Geodes and Fossils.  Have you ever wondered what is a geode? Or how fossils are formed? Have you ever heard why geologists do the streak test and what it is? Prepare to find out the answer to these questions and more with the Minerals, Crystals, and Fossils kit by Young Scientists Club! This..   more
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  2. Shark Tooth Fossil Digging Kit

    The 4M Dig Shark Teeth mini science kit is a really unique and fun educational party favor for boys and girls.  Dig and excavate glow in the dark shark tooth fossil with this mini science kit for children. Shark Tooth Fossil Digging Kit by 4M allows you to dig 2 shark teeth from the 3 inches plaster block. The excavation tool comes with the Shark Tooth Fossil Digging Kit from Educational..   more
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