Disgusting Slime Kit

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Disgusting Slime Kit
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Dimensions of Box5.5" x 4.6" x 2"
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Description of Disgusting Slime Kit

Did you know that the burps of 10 cows could heat a small house for a week? And did you know that the crinoid, a marine creature, farts out of its mouth? Learn these facts and many more with the Disgusting Slime Kit by Scientific Explorer! This small science kit comes with 1 fluid ounce of blue and yellow mixture that makes funny disgusting noises when you squeeze it that sound like burps or gas. Play with this awesome yucky slime by yourself of share it with your friends as party favors, Educational Toys Planet guarantees silly fun. This mini science toy is educational one, too! You will learn the science behind all those burps and gas. Burp, make funny noises, and laugh with your friends with the Disgusting Slime Kit. The activity guide provides more ideas for jokes and embarassing noises.

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