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  1. Sunshine Symphony Baby Musical Toy
  2. Ollie the Octopus Baby Musical Toy
  3. Peter and the Wolf Children Classical Music CD
  4. Musical Library Toddler Electronic Learning Toy
  5. Best of Beethoven Classical Music Children CD
  6. Meet the Orchestra CD - Baby Einstein
  7. The Orchestra Classical Music for Kids CD
  8. Alan Wasserman - Personality in Their Music

    Alan Wasserman - Personality in Their Music

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  9. Best of Vivaldi Classical Music Children CD
  10. Best of Bach Children Classical Music CD
  11. Best of Mozart Classical Music Children CD
  12. Best of Tchaikovsky Classical Music Children CD

12 items

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Why do kids need Classical Music for Kids?

Research systematically shows that the classical music plays enormous positive role for kids. Young minds really advance from the listening to the harmoniously composed classical music masterpieces. Educational Toys Planet highly recommends our carefully selected children products from the Classical Music for Kids section for family enjoyment and developmental benefits. Classical Music for Kids CDs and computer games are designed to expand imagination, inspire creativity, ease concentration, and tune young minds to learn. Listen, think, relax and enjoy with your children!