Don’t be late with teaching your child!

by Alenka

King Solomon once said to a woman that if she waited two days after the birth of her child to start his upbringing, she was late. I think the same applies to education of our kids: we don’t have to wait until they go to school. We can (moreover, I think – we should!) start their education right from birth, or, if your child is not longer an infant, – as soon as you finish reading this article.1aaa1

How? At every age children, like sponges, absorb everything they see, smell, feel, touch, hear… Their abilities and development level grows so rapidly that they seek out every possible experience they can get to whether we like it or not: they equally interested in finding out the essence of the universe (even by watching how Superman saves the world all over again) and the taste of the dustball under the bed. On the other hand, every second, unused brain cells are dying off forever. No reason to worry, they’ll have enough no matter what, but if we introduce our kids to more varied and exciting experiences, they’ll retain more of their own brain capacity… and will be able to achieve more once they grow up: more exciting, more successful, more… happy! So, we can offer them more. This section of the site contains plenty of information of how to enrich the environment for a kid of every age and how to increase his chances for success later in life. Enjoy!

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