Free educational presentations – fantastic collection of A.P.P.

by Alenka

Thanks to A Proud Papa (A.P.P.) for sharing these absolutely fantastic materials!

A.P.P. method of teaching his son to read and other materials he used

An amazing collection of presentations by A.P.P. on every possible subject:

4 thoughts on “Free educational presentations – fantastic collection of A.P.P.

  1. Judith

    I got Wee Wille Winkie and my toddler is so fond reading it. I will try the baby encyclopedia on her soon. Thanks for the links!

  2. Alenka Post author

    Most of A.P.P.s presentations are very large. Even on a fast computer with a good connection it takes time to download them. I’ve noticed, that sometimes I need to try to download the files twice, to open them. I’ve checked the files, I’ve tried to download them myself. 1 and 5 downloaded from the second attempt (I guess the browser terminated to download process that was taking too long to get the file that is too large). The other files loaded straight up. For 1 and 5 a strange message popped up in PowerPoint, but the second attempt to download completed without a glitch. Please try again – those files are really fun and would be a shame to miss.

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