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Best building toys for a 5-7 year old. My kids’ favorites.

Every time my 6 year old is done playing with one of his building sets, he places it last on a toy shelf. Looking at his shelf I can clearly see which ones get the most use, which ones are his top favorites.  Initially all of the toys create a tsunami wave of excitement, but [...]

The best puzzles for the most finicky toddler

This is how I wanted to start this post: we love puzzles. We can’t get enough of them. We own every single one of every possible kind on the planet. Except… we don’t love puzzles. Nobody in my house even likes them. They are so greatly educational, that we posess a quite a variety of [...]

Learning to swim. Five best tools

Can’t you taste the sweet summery breeze?  My eight year old already won a battle for wearing his shorts to school and proudly displaying his bare ankles even if the thermometer still not so eager to display its summer colors.  Now our kids’ major question is when they can dive into the pool.  Time to [...]

My Toddler’s Top 3 Birthday Gift Toys

I wanted to do this post for a while. I am glad I waited, since I can list only the toys that withstood the test of wearing off novelties. /# 1 Gift: Kids House Cleaning 6 pcs Set Originally it was a gift for my five year old. He LOVED it.  And… so did my [...]

Magic School Bus Phonics

My older one, Sunshine, is a true fan of the Magic School Bus series. He knows every cartoon by heart. He loves every single book I could find. So when I found their phonics series, I was very excited – and there was a good reason: he loved it!!! Every book is on a different [...]

Rusty and Rosy Early Reading – Educational DVD

Thanks to Tamsyn for sharing! I recently purchased this and my little one loves these videos so I thought I’d recommend them. My Mom bought these on VHS 10 years ago and it helped my siblings learn to read. The pros are they have great voice talents and they use real music (not digitalized) including [...]