Teach Kids Math and History with Their Money Allowance

Kids allowance is a must in our house.  It makes a lot of matters easier, and while we find it indispensable for learning money management for the upcoming years, we manage to make it really educational as they grow.  In a previous post there was a Q&A on overall procedure and money management, so here [...]

Vintage Educational Posters

Came across a few Vintage Educational Posters and decided to share some cool images and descriptions. Most of these posters are a part of sets of teaching charts used in 1960′s to 19070′s in Europe. Many of these posters were internationally appreciated for their educational value, published by the various museums and silk-screened onto paper. [...]

Inspiring Creativity in your Child

One of the best ways to help the development of a young mind is to encourage creative thought. It is important to realize that creativity is more than just arts and crafts – it is a process of thought. Helping your children to express themselves through different mediums helps develop different aspects of thinking. The [...]

Continent Boxes: coins activity

Coins are some of the most popular items to include into the continent boxes: they are small, take little space, easy to ask a friend to bring back from a trip, very distinctive in every country. Getting our European coins ready for the European Box of a Montessori Continent Box Swap, we came up with [...]

Continent Swap: Asia

A few months ago Honey, the amazing Mondorfment Mom, started a Montessori Continent Box Swap (click on a link for more information).  While I am still waiting for all the items to arrive, some moms were very kind to share what they included in a swap. I’d like to post a summary of those items [...]

European Continent Box – Animals – Hedgehog Craft & Book

There are many-many animals in Europe. I was surprised that hedgehogs don’t live on every continent! Using these directions, create one for yourself and you can put it on a map of Europe, as its place of origin! I came up with this craft for the Montessori Continent Box Swap. You can learn more about [...]