Early Development

Fun games and activities to teach kids about Art

While the fall colors and winds are slowly overtaking the playground, we love to revisit our favorite museums.  That is art museums.  Here I already shared what a big hit art museums are in our family (Visiting art museums with kids. Real treat for family fun).  The best thing is, that art is not reserved [...]

Cool play for a hot day! Ice cube fun activities for toddlers.

Shlep-shlep-shlep. Ahhh, I just love the sweet sound of the fast approaching bare baby feet. This wonderful sound means I’ll get to kiss the yummy little cheek in a few seconds, when my my dear Big Button joins me in the laundry room. But shlepping stops suddenly. Screeeeech. Ok, that sound I like a lot [...]

Learning to Read: Magic To the Rescue!

My older one is eight.  He still tenderly believes in Santa.  He still tenderly believes in Magic Tree House (his favorite book series).  He still tenderly believes, that one of his greatest friends – is a little magical  gnome, who has been showering him with gifts, books, letters for years…  who helped him discover the joy [...]

The 7 Notes of Introducing kids to Classical Music in a Fun Way

DO. Do, pick a composer, do pick a melody. Our favorite CD is Beethovens Wig 5 – Sing Along Piano Classics CD.  The length of each classical piece on this CD is like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the major parts, short enough to create some interest.  The words are silly and creative. [...]

Can chess be a good educational game for toddlers?

Did you decide to teach your three year old to play chess? This is very good news, and here’s why. After all, chess is not just a game that delivers a lot of fun for children, but it is also a fun, effective and efficient means of mental development. The process of learning chess helps [...]

At what age should children start learning to read and write?

 Is it time to learn to read? When should I begin teaching a child to read? As to when the child should begin to learn to read, parents are prevalent among different opinions. Some believe that you should not load your child too much at preschool age, that if he learns to read early, the [...]