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New perspective on the college selection dilemma

My dearest little nephew, the first baby I ever fell in love with as my own, is no longer so little. Quite the opposite: a young man, he is collecting college response mailings on top of his dresser.  Time for one of the biggest decisions of his entire life.  Loving him so much, we all [...]

10 Fun Facts about Horses

During our Pets Appreciation Week we want to talk about more common and less common pets. How about horses? Many horse lovers consider these gracious animals, not farm inhabitants, but pets. Let’s learn some fun facts about horses. Horses belong to the genus equus. Horses are herbivores (plant eaters). A horse is described as a foal [...]

Pets Appreciation Week. What’s the most popular pet in the U.S.?

Educational Toys Planet announces Pets Appreciation Week. Let’s share love. Let’s teach our children to take care of our animal friends. Let’s learn about different pet friends!  As per the National Pet Owners Survey, conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association in 2007, in the United States, people own: 142 million freshwater fish 88.3 million cats [...]

LA zoo welcomes an adorable (and unexpected) addition: baby hippo!

The Los Angeles Zoo welcomed the cutest addition to its hippo habitat Friday, October 31. The sex of the calf will be actually determined later, because the staff does not want to get too close to the new family not to make the mom nervous. The newborn hippo will be named later.  The 10-year-old hippo [...]

First picture of the baby in the womb

Miracle of life. A Child Is Born. Photo by Lennart Nilsson, 1965 was the first picture of the baby in the womb. Lennart Nilsson (born in 1922 in Sweden) is  not only a photographer famous for his first embrio pictures, but a scientist, too. Nilsson became a member of the Swedish Society of Medicine and received an honorary doctorate in [...]

Study shows that milk does not strengthen bones, but accelarates ageing instead

Every day some myth is created and some old days one is discredited. Here is a new study about milk. Who would think? We’ve been brought up knowing that milk is rich in calcium, a key component of bones, and it’s good for us. The new scientific study in the British Medical Journal suggests that not [...]