Learning to Read

Learning to Read: Magic To the Rescue!

My older one is eight.  He still tenderly believes in Santa.  He still tenderly believes in Magic Tree House (his favorite book series).  He still tenderly believes, that one of his greatest friends – is a little magical  gnome, who has been showering him with gifts, books, letters for years…  who helped him discover the joy [...]

At what age should children start learning to read and write?

 Is it time to learn to read? When should I begin teaching a child to read? As to when the child should begin to learn to read, parents are prevalent among different opinions. Some believe that you should not load your child too much at preschool age, that if he learns to read early, the [...]

My toddler doesn’t like to read!!!

Toddlers are always on the move. Yet, both of my own little ones LOVED books at that age. Though, reading stories wasn’t on their agenda…  eating them (literary) seemed a lot more enticing.   While we didn’t end up eating any books (phew!), reading them together didn’t immediately happen as I was dreaming… Reading stories came [...]

Free Phrases presentation in Englsih, German and Spanish

Some more presentations from Isa: want cards – things that kids like to do, such as playing hockey, playing chess, flying kytes, etc. Randomizer is included and presentation can be viewed in English, Spanish, or German with or without the pictures. Learn to Read… in Spanish, English or German: Want Cards 1-3. Thanks to Isa!!(11/22/2009) [...]

How we began learning to read and adding other languages

“How did you begin teaching your kids to read? How long it took? How did you add languages? This is so confusing!” I wish you knew how much I can relate to your anxiety. I used to feel completely overwhelmed, not sure how to start/proceed/make heads of tails out of it… and freaking out along [...]

Incorporating Learning Music into Daily Lives

How do you add music to your daily life? In one of my favorite Yahoo groups, MontessoriMusic, this discussion brought up many ideas. You can read about our own latest approach and download our free materials at the end. Listening to different composers during daily activities: softer tunes, like Chopin, for drawing, faster ones, like [...]