Learning Social Studies

What do you know about 2014 World Cup champion, Germany?

Let’s take another opportunity to teach kids some geography. After last night triumphal win of German soccer team at the 2014 World Cup, imaginary trip to heart of Europe is an educational “must”. So, what are the most interesting facts about Germany? The name for Germany in the German language is Deutschland. The population of Germany [...]

Let’s learn about Brazil, the home of the soccer 2014 World Cup

The World Cup of 2014 brought immense interest to Brazil, its hosting country. The popularity of the event is a great chance for parents to teach kids geography. Introduce Brazil, learn some fun facts about this fascinating country and add some educational treat to the great sport event! Brazil is the largest country in South [...]

Teach Kids Math and History with Their Money Allowance

Kids allowance is a must in our house.  It makes a lot of matters easier, and while we find it indispensable for learning money management for the upcoming years, we manage to make it really educational as they grow.  In a previous post there was a Q&A on overall procedure and money management, so here [...]

Stuck With Trucks: Top 5 ways to use kids’ fascination with transportation as a road to learning

I have three boys.  My home reminds more of a garage, then a house: we have some toy trucks and cars by the bed; we have some bulldozers in the basement; we have some cranes in a playroom; we have LOTS of cars in a chest bean; we have a cement mixer in a bathroom; [...]

5 Fun Ways to Learn about Geography

I love teaching my kids.  Luckily for my kids, they have public school, they get a break from me!  I LOVE learning with them.  Apparently, out of all the subjects that we dive into, incorporating geography into our daily lives is by far the easiest!  Geography is connected with any subject you pick: learning about [...]

Top 3 Role Models for Kids

Imagine growing up in the 21st century. You are growing up in a time period where it is acceptable for pop stars to “twerk” on national television. It’s widespread practice for hip-hop artists to make music that contains no real message. Even professional athletes, people who supposedly devote their lives to self-improvement and a healthy [...]