Learning Life Skills

Getting Kids to Help around the House? Here is How…

I really want to live in a clean house!  Chasing after my boys, I do not have the time to scrub it during the day,  and energy – during the night.  Obviously, mom needs help. I believe in these strategies: Working as a team. Taking baby steps: make it easier to succeed. Making certain chores [...]

Pretend Play – Transporting your Imagination!

Let’s strap on our thinking caps, get our creative juices flowing, imagine, and PLAY! “Pretend play” is a wonderful combination of these exhilarating activities – and an engaging favorite of all children! One of the most wonderful things about children is their amazing wonder and uninhabited creativity. You can give a child one empty cardboard [...]

Teaching Your Child Good Manners

I once saw a woman shopping in a store with her young child. One of the cashiers who was helping this little family happened to be an older woman. The young child, staring at the cashier’s wrinkles and slightly saggy skin, blurted out a very loud question for her mother. “Mommy, why is that woman’s [...]