Learning Languages

Incorporating Learning Music into Daily Lives

How do you add music to your daily life? In one of my favorite Yahoo groups, MontessoriMusic, this discussion brought up many ideas. You can read about our own latest approach and download our free materials at the end. Listening to different composers during daily activities: softer tunes, like Chopin, for drawing, faster ones, like [...]

Free Art Presentation in English, Spanish and German: El Greco

I was able to find another file with paintings by El Greco among Isa’s fantastic collection. The file is updated with information about El Greco, some fascinating comparisons of his works with modern artists (scroll to the end), and even the randomizer template is updated for all three languages. Enjoy: Encyclopedic Knowledge – Art El [...]

Free Presentation in Russian – teach reading

More couplets for those who are teaching their kids to read in Russian! Introductory Russian Couplets 2. I’ll continue to add couplets files here: How to Teach Your Baby To Read: Materials (look for Step 2, Couplets and select Russian links).   Presentations in English and Russian – Language Arts Free Presentations in English – [...]

Free Presentations – Books in English – Ice Cream!

                  Who doesn’t like ice cream? I think kids don’t like ice cream. They LOVE IT! So, here is a little reading treat. Enyclopedic Knowledge – General Culture: Ice Cream History (English) Teach Your Baby To Read – Books In Russian: Ice Cream History (Russian) Free Presentations [...]

Free Presentations in Russian – Learn to Read

Russian introductory word list in has been greatly updated. It contains around 100 words and illustrations by now! You can download the whole file here: Introductory Words In Russian. My little one is finally ready for Couplets. Here is the first set: Introductory Russian Couplets 1. The files will continue to be updated and you [...]

Free Presentation in Russian – Vehicles Alphabet

My little one, Smiles, really doesn’t care about the animals. He happily moos and baas for them in the pictures… but honestly prefers the trucks and tractors to any adorable furry creature. Boys will be boys. So, I created a Russian Transport Alphabet for this car-loving gentleman: Russian Trasport Azbuka Also, I caved in and [...]