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Free Math Presentations in English and Spanish – Numbers & Counting

Back To Encyclopedic Knowledge Topics Listing How do I use these books? English PowerPoint Presentations Russian PowerPoint Presentations Spanish PowerPoint Presentations Presentations in other languages Note: files marked with M include Magnitudes of data – fact listing about each Intelligence Bit. Files marked with V include links to videos. Files marked with include sound effects. [...]

What can I do to preserve the foreign (or native) language in my kids memory?

Did you learn French in high school? Did you speak your mother tongue as a child? Do you remember anything? Many parents are really worrying how to preserve the language knowledge in their kids, who seem to go completely oblivious to it as soon as they start school. Still, I know families who succeed despite [...]

Free educational presentations – Teach Your Child to Read in Russian

In russian there is as much different systems available as it is in English. Pick the system that is closer to your heart. Doman Method (PowerPoint presentations, FAQ and summary) Alhabet/Bukvar’ PowerPoint Presentations Combinations PowerPoint Presentations Treasure Hunts Syllables Power Point Presentations Other Methods (Elena Danilova, Zayzev, etc) Doman whole word approach Brief Summary Introductory [...]

Teaching your child Russian. Parent’s resources

Teach Your Child to read… in Russian: you can find a list of materials, links to computer presentations, Russian sites that offer different methods of teaching to read What can I do to preserve the foreign (or native) language in my kids memory? Russian Free Online Dictionary: Lingvo Russian Grammar and Orthography (and checker) Teach [...]

Download ready-made books

I’ve accumulated so much by now, that all the books required a separate page! They simply wouldn’t fit into one zip file! How do I use these books? Russian Books English Books Spanish Books German Books Books in other languages Fantastic Collection of PowerPoint presentations created by A.P.P. Terrific Collection of PowerPoint presentations shared by [...]

How to teach your kids foreign language. Parent’s resources

Children have a remarkable ability to pick up as many languages as you introduce to them. For adults – it is a painful and lengthy process. So, here are tips and methods for you to try to give them this gift of knowledge without much effort on their part! How to teach your child… Foreign [...]