Just for Moms

Easy and fabulous DIY diaper cake

Do you know the most useful, the most helpful, and the prettiest gift you could give to a mother to be?  It is a diaper cake.  Ever since I discovered them, I was totally sold on the idea: a practical item, that will be used repeatedly over and over, that will be helpful to the [...]

Thanksgiving table decoration ideas

My family loves Thanksgiving. We always try to celebrate it with some special way. This year I was looking for a special Thanksgiving table decoration ideas to make the traditional dinner more memorable and even more visually beautiful. I’d like to share some cool ideas with our blog readers. Thanksgiving candles add warmth to the [...]

Employers have to find solutions to support nursing women at work

As per the latest statistics, mothers are the fastest-growing segment of the work force in the U.S. It means that companies and employers have to find solutions to help working women balance their work and children. One of the major issues on this agenda is to support the nursing moms. More than 75% of mother [...]

SOS! Help with chores! Tips for housebreaking a husband.

It all began with my girlfriend’s frantic call the other night: the nanny is leaving, hiring up another one is not an option, how am I going to manage?  Work, and kids… it is just too much! I would never be able to do all the things that I do, if not for my husband’s [...]

Moms help moms duck postpartum depression

The baby is here. The baby is perfect: rosy cheeks, huge eyes, sweet smelling hair… so why the mommy is ready to cry any second? As if having a new baby in the house is not enough cause of anxiety, as if the lack of sleep and hectic day schedule doesn’t just compound things, the [...]

FDA Warning: Nipple Cream Hurts Babies

Breastfeeding can be daunting and painful in the beginning. Before the breasts get used to it, most of the moms experience cracked nipples, painful sensations, even bleeding. It’s good we have a variety of nipple creams that can help us heal our breasts. Though, it appears that not all nipple creams are crated equal: some [...]