What’s the Perfect Age to Learn How to Swim

Splash.  Not a moment of hesitation.  Thousands of tiny droplets cover the sides of the pool.  The first thing emerging from a distant blue bottom is a happy grin with a few missing teeth.  Another dive and with a few confident strokes he reaches the other side of the pool.  The ball is his again. [...]

How to Turn a Party Character from a Bedtime Monster into Child’s Dream-Come-True

My kid LOVES Elmo.  We have toys with Elmo, shirts with Elmo, toothbrush with Elmo. Even his first word was Elmo.  Inviting Elmo character to the birthday party seems like a great idea, right? Well, honestly, it depends.  It depends how on your party organization.  Most of the time kids’ favorite character shows at the [...]

SOS! Help with chores! Tips for housebreaking a husband.

It all began with my girlfriend’s frantic call the other night: the nanny is leaving, hiring up another one is not an option, how am I going to manage?  Work, and kids… it is just too much! I would never be able to do all the things that I do, if not for my husband’s [...]

Public Tantrum: Common Mistakes Before, During and Afterwards.

The dreaded.  The terrifying.  The embarrassing.  The ear-splitting.  The Public Tantrum.  The king of all tantrums. I am happy to say that I haven’t had a lot of those.  Yet, two days ago, I’ve got the biggest one I’ve ever faced: my usually calm and cheerful five year old, after a terrific day and an [...]

Money-Money-Money…Kids, Allowance and Educational Experience

“Money make the world go round, the world go round, the world go round…” Just like you can’t learn to swim without water, the kids can’t learn how to avoid getting into debt and manage their finances efficiently in a future, without having any money to manage.  So an allowance is a must in our [...]

Getting Kids to Help around the House? Here is How…

I really want to live in a clean house!  Chasing after my boys, I do not have the time to scrub it during the day,  and energy – during the night.  Obviously, mom needs help. I believe in these strategies: Working as a team. Taking baby steps: make it easier to succeed. Making certain chores [...]