Study shows that milk does not strengthen bones, but accelarates ageing instead

Every day some myth is created and some old days one is discredited. Here is a new study about milk. Who would think? We’ve been brought up knowing that milk is rich in calcium, a key component of bones, and it’s good for us. The new scientific study in the British Medical Journal suggests that not [...]

To Dessert or Not to Dessert

The new school year was on its way, and my son, who started first grade needed a daily snack to eat in school. After I obtained all the regular suspects, i.e. gold fish of multiple varieties, crackers( unsalted of course), sea weed in small individual packages, baby carrots, apple slices and tangerines, I thought what [...]

Dairy and egg replacements. Allergy help.

My kid has egg allergy. Milk allergy. All kinds of allergies! It’s a nightmare: food is falling apart, he can eat only food from home, to every party we come with our own versions of pizzas, cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc. Search for substitutes is a never ending story for us. If you feel like [...]

Salt Lurks in Unsuspected Foods

Everyone is trying to eat healthier these days. In my house salt shaker is reserved only for guests, and I never even look at the salt can while cooking, despite all the nasty comments from the relatives: “How can you cook without salt!”. But it seems that even such drastic measures are not enough to [...]

American Academy of Pediatrics changed its milk recommendations for babies

Once the baby reached his first birthday it is time to introduce a new (or old?) fun product: milk! But… which one? There is quite a selection. Actually, American Academy of Pediatrics just changed their guidelines regarding the introduction of milk into baby’s diet: There’s been a major change in baby nutrition advice, but it’s [...]

Children obesity rate bad, not worse

Childhood obesity is scary as it is. The good news is, that it’s rate are not worsening, so many parents probably are taking precautionary measures. The bad news is, that it’s rates are not improving either, so it is plausible that we have to try harder to prevent this happening to our kids: May 27, [...]