Learning to Read: Magic To the Rescue!


My older one is eight.  He still tenderly believes in Santa.  He still tenderly believes in Magic Tree House (his favorite book series).  He still tenderly believes, that one of his greatest friends – is a little magical  gnome, who has been showering him with gifts, books, letters for years…  who helped him discover the joy [...]

5 Fun Ways to Learn about Geography


I love teaching my kids.  Luckily for my kids, they have public school, they get a break from me!  I LOVE learning with them.  Apparently, out of all the subjects that we dive into, incorporating geography into our daily lives is by far the easiest!  Geography is connected with any subject you pick: learning about [...]

The 7 Notes of Introducing kids to Classical Music in a Fun Way


DO. Do, pick a composer, do pick a melody. Our favorite CD is Beethovens Wig 5 – Sing Along Piano Classics CD.  The length of each classical piece on this CD is like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the major parts, short enough to create some interest.  The words are silly and creative. [...]

Olympic Sports in our Living Room


Everyone in my house contracted the major fever of the season: Olympic fever! “Are you watching this AGAIN?” – cries out my neighbour’s daughter. Yes, again, we just can’t get enough… Neither can my kids: they are really fascinated, involved, inspired. So, it’s time for some Olympic Games of our own. Considering the winter weather [...]

Planes birthday party for a 5 year old is soaring into the sky!


The cartoon “Planes” couldn’t be more timely: planes – a perfect theme for our 5 year old party!  It is fun, exciting, and… even educational!!! In my previous post I discussed some key features of every great party: theme, cliffhanger, the special element. The special element, the “oooooh” and “aaaaaah” moment for the kids, something [...]

What do you need for a great kids party


Every kid loves birthdays: cake, gifts, friends, something really exciting. Sometimes I think that not every parent shares that: $ + $$ + $$$… + mess + reservations and worrying over “sick kid” cancellation policy = headache. We love home parties. Our kids wouldn’t trade them for skating rink, bouncing houses, for nothing in the [...]