Birthday Parties

Planes birthday party for a 5 year old is soaring into the sky!

The cartoon “Planes” couldn’t be more timely: planes – a perfect theme for our 5 year old party!  It is fun, exciting, and… even educational!!! In my previous post I discussed some key features of every great party: theme, cliffhanger, the special element. The special element, the “oooooh” and “aaaaaah” moment for the kids, something [...]

What do you need for a great kids party

Every kid loves birthdays: cake, gifts, friends, something really exciting. Sometimes I think that not every parent shares that: $ + $$ + $$$… + mess + reservations and worrying over “sick kid” cancellation policy = headache. We love home parties. Our kids wouldn’t trade them for skating rink, bouncing houses, for nothing in the [...]

A cardboard plane for your kid to become a little pilot

It was officially decided: pilots rule! At least in my house. One little pilot in particular. The “Planes” cartoon established itself as the new favorite and now my home resembles and airport more then an house: we have planes of every kind! We have paper craft planes, plastic ones, radio control planes, little planes, big [...]

It’s Party Time!

Have you ever wanted to throw an exciting and unique party for your child’s birthday? Have you ever felt overwhelmed planning a party? Well no need to fear! Planning a child’s birthday party does not need to be stressful – instead it should be a great way to express your creativity and bring a smile [...]