SAT Changes: How Do They Affect Your Child Grades 1-9?

In an article published by the New York Times, the College Board announced major SAT changes that will come in effect in Spring 2016: SAT Test: a total score of 1600, instead of the current 2400 2 subjects – Math and a new section that will be called Evidence-Based Reading & Writing elimination of a penalty for [...]

Youth Sports Build Strong Bones for Life

The importance of physical activity in the daily life of our kids is clear to everyone. This new research goes further: it indicates that weight-bearing activities like running, volleyball, and tennis during adolescence lead to having stronger bones later in life. The research is specific for women: In the study, published in the British Journal [...]

Easy College Planning Tip

With education costs increasing every year, don’t you worry how your precious little home genius will afford college education? This mom devised a few tips that help save the money for this important and expensive educational milestone: Lisa M. recommends putting money into his education account 4 times a year enrolling in the Upromise program: [...]

Top 10 reasons a child should be on a sports team

No matter how shy your kid is, he will always be welcomed and will always find good friends in a sport team. Participating in sports will allow the child to discover previously unknown reserves of his or her body. When your whole team is behind the child, sky is the limit to what he or [...]

Are we failing our geniuses? Gifted Kids Education

Are we failing our geniuses? Time magazine article that indicates the drawbacks of American system of education for gifted children (click on a link for a full article): “We take for granted that those with IQs at least three standard deviations below the mean (those who score 55 or lower on IQ tests) require “special” [...]