School Age Kid

SAT Changes: How Do They Affect Your Child Grades 1-9?

In an article published by the New York Times, the College Board announced major SAT changes that will come in effect in Spring 2016: SAT Test: a total score of 1600, instead of the current 2400 2 subjects – Math and a new section that will be called Evidence-Based Reading & Writing elimination of a penalty for [...]

Olympic Sports in our Living Room

Everyone in my house contracted the major fever of the season: Olympic fever! “Are you watching this AGAIN?” – cries out my neighbour’s daughter. Yes, again, we just can’t get enough… Neither can my kids: they are really fascinated, involved, inspired. So, it’s time for some Olympic Games of our own. Considering the winter weather [...]

Oh, Santa where are thou?

The holidays are upon as and my children are happily writing their wish lists for Santa. It is a great time of the year and we love winter holidays. It is however a bit confusing time of the year as well. My children love Santa and believe he is as real as they are. The [...]

Problems with the teacher?

  Luckily, our venture into the public school has been very rewarding so far: my older one has got a really wonderful teacher: kind, knowledgeable, understanding, creative, positive yet firm. We’ve encountered our first set of issues – Montessori-style script writing is not appreciated in our local public elementary schools, but after some pondering we [...]

Where did I come from? How to talk to your kids about sex.

As much we dislike it, we absolutely SHOULD talk to our kids about sex. Unless, of course, you prefer some Mr. Know-All enlighten your innocent little one on a school bus. Here you can find some suggestions and resources that I could find on this topic. My friend just shared a fantastic story about her [...]

Youth Sports Build Strong Bones for Life

The importance of physical activity in the daily life of our kids is clear to everyone. This new research goes further: it indicates that weight-bearing activities like running, volleyball, and tennis during adolescence lead to having stronger bones later in life. The research is specific for women: In the study, published in the British Journal [...]