Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old


If you are a grandparent or perhaps an aunt or uncle, who doesn’t have children then shopping for a best birthday gift for a 3 year old girl or boy is not that easy. There are so many toys out there that how could you possibly know what is the best toy is. If you are unsure [...]

Inspiring Creativity in your Child


One of the best ways to help the development of a young mind is to encourage creative thought. It is important to realize that creativity is more than just arts and crafts – it is a process of thought. Helping your children to express themselves through different mediums helps develop different aspects of thinking. The [...]

At what age should children start learning to read and write?


 Is it time to learn to read? When should I begin teaching a child to read? As to when the child should begin to learn to read, parents are prevalent among different opinions. Some believe that you should not load your child too much at preschool age, that if he learns to read early, the [...]

Raising Intelligent Children


All parents want to raise intelligent children, but many wonder how they can go about doing this. The first step is to define “intelligence.” According to Glenn Doman’s book How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge, intelligence is, “a product of three things: the ability to read; the ability to do math; the amount of [...]

The Endless Benefits of Music


Sing, listen, and create! Music can be a wonderful learning tool for children that helps develop mental processes and has great educational value. All parents should strive to find ways to integrate music into their child’s life. Sparking an early relationship with music encourages your child to maintain this mentally stimulating interest. You may be [...]

How to Keep Your Child Busy On-the-Go


“Are we there yet?” “I’m bored!” “How much longer?” All parents wish they could avoid all of these dreaded children’s complaints. When you’re traveling with your family it can be hard to keep children under control. Many children don’t like sitting still or being in a confined area. It’s up to you to open the [...]