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10 Cute Animals Playing With Cute Toy Animals


At the zoo in Duisburg, Germany, a male koala joey sits next to a toy koala in an attempt to make taking his weight easier. The little guy left his mother’s pouch after six months for the first time, and is one of two newborn koala joeys. Cats are experts at amusing themselves with toys. [...]

A Puzzling World of Fun


Who doesn’t love a puzzle? Whether you’re young or old, puzzles can provide a fun and relaxing form of entertainment and even learning! As a child, puzzles are an educational toy that can be enjoyed alone on a rainy day indoors or together when “there’s nothing to do.” Puzzles help children develop fine motor skills, thinking [...]

Kids Love Toy Trucks!

toy truck

Who doesn’t remember lying flat on the floor, making a roaring sound, and gently pushing your big toy truck around? The truth of the matter is toy trucks are so much fun for everyone! Be honest, even we “big kids” get a kick out of making that vrrrooom sound as we play along with the [...]

Science Kits for Kids: from Childrens Play to Rocketships


A science kit may seem like an idea from days gone by; a curiosity you might buy at a general store or a Woolworths, but that idea could not be further from reality. As a parent (or teacher) you are looking for ways to give your child a head start on learning. A box of [...]

Pretend Play – Transporting your Imagination!


Let’s strap on our thinking caps, get our creative juices flowing, imagine, and PLAY! “Pretend play” is a wonderful combination of these exhilarating activities – and an engaging favorite of all children! One of the most wonderful things about children is their amazing wonder and uninhabited creativity. You can give a child one empty cardboard [...]

It’s Party Time!


Have you ever wanted to throw an exciting and unique party for your child’s birthday? Have you ever felt overwhelmed planning a party? Well no need to fear! Planning a child’s birthday party does not need to be stressful – instead it should be a great way to express your creativity and bring a smile [...]