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Free chemistry materials. Parents’ resources.

Thanks to Lore at playschool6 Yahoo Group for sharing this fantastic information: The American Chemical Society is offering an entire chemistry curriculum, complete with online lessons, a free downloadable book, activity sheets and lots more — absolutely free. Middle School Chemistry The web site covers six chapters on subjects such as the periodic table, density [...]

Geologic Timeline Activity

A very kind and resourceful mom is sharing an incredible idea she had for letting the kids understand the enormity of the geological time periods on Earth. The trick? Ingenious in its simplicity: using a very long multicolored ribbon. Different geological periods are indicated by different colors, their length – by ribbon length! On top [...]

Like the river flows… Chemistry, Unit 2 – Liquids.

          Pouring water, mixing water, squeezing water out of a sponge… have you ever seen any kid who isn’t fascinated with water? Mine is no exception. His excitement is contagious: I catch myself completely hypnotized by every drop… Other Categories and how we use these materials. Categories – Materials and ToDo [...]

What’s the MATTER with you? – chemistry introduction and states of the matter.

What kids doesn’t like experiments? Chemistry was an instant hit in our house. Other Categories and how we use these materials. Categories – Materials and ToDo lists (MS document) Materials Useful for learning Chemisrty Unit 1 – Introduction to Chemisrty – States of the Matter, Elements Unit 2 – Liquids Materials Useful for Learning Chemistry [...]

What kind of animal are you? Introduction to zoology.

After we finished Botany, we jumped right into the Zoology. I was surprised by how much we managed to cover, diving as deep as the vertebrates/invertebrates! However, we’ll cover them in more detail in the next unit. We are still using the same PPT presentation about all the things we’ve learned: Vertebrates/invertebrates deserve a separate [...]

Free geology educational materials – Interactive Rock Cycle

Winter time is great: skying, snow days, holidays – all of that is fun. On the other hand – the amount of times we’ve all been sick this wither wasn’t fun at all! Luckily, unlike me, the kids get over their infections very quickly and I am the only one dragging behind from one cold [...]