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Free Educational Presentations in Spanish, English and German – My Day, Colors

… and, finally, I started uploading the amazing collection of presentations by Isa: Ready Made Books: Colors in Nature. Wonderful bilingual presentations in English and German. Thanks to Isa!!(9/28/2009) Ready Made Books: Mi Dia Medio – My Half Day. With Sound. Really fun bilingual presentations in English and Spanish, read in both languages. Thanks to [...]

Free Presentations in English, Spanish, German, Russian

Back To Encyclopedic Knowledge Topics Listing How do I use these books? English PowerPoint Presentations Spanish PowerPoint Presentations German PowerPoint Presentations Russian PowerPoint Presentations Note: files marked with PI include Programs of Intelligence – interesting facts about each Intelligence Bit (slide). Files marked with V include links to videos. Files marked with include sound effects. [...]

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I’ve accumulated so much by now, that all the books required a separate page! They simply wouldn’t fit into one zip file! How do I use these books? Russian Books English Books Spanish Books German Books Books in other languages Fantastic Collection of PowerPoint presentations created by A.P.P. Terrific Collection of PowerPoint presentations shared by [...]