Free Math Learning Materials

Free Math Presentation – Number Two “2″

Download ready-made books Free Math Presentations in English and Spanish – Numbers & Counting Free Math Learning Presentations – Numbers, Measurements, Geometry How to Teach Your Child Math: Glenn Doman’s Dot Method

Free Math Presentation – Number One “1″

Here you can find a Power Point flash cards to teach children number “1″ – NUMBER One! No related posts.

Matt Hudson’s Randomizer for Power Point is finally here!

Many parents have reported that the fantastic randomizer by Matt Hudson no longer is available at its original location: Matthew Hudson’s Doman plugin. So, now everyone who has problems with the original location, can download it from ChildAndMe: zip file “Doman”. The directions for installing it are inside the zip. It appears, that it doesn’t [...]

Teach your kids to read and math: word cards and a schedule!

Thanks to Kristina from TeachYourBabyToRead group for sharing this fabulous resource: incredible collection word cards and, the most amazing – the schedule on when/how to use it, what to retire, what to add, etc. Enjoy!!!! Here is a link to my schedules for Math – also a year’s worth!!! Here is a link to my [...]

Free Educational Presentations in Spanish, English and German – My Day, Colors

… and, finally, I started uploading the amazing collection of presentations by Isa: Ready Made Books: Colors in Nature. Wonderful bilingual presentations in English and German. Thanks to Isa!!(9/28/2009) Ready Made Books: Mi Dia Medio – My Half Day. With Sound. Really fun bilingual presentations in English and Spanish, read in both languages. Thanks to [...]

Free Math Learning Presentations – Numbers, Measurements, Geometry

Mathematics is considered to be more then a science: it’s a way of thinking, it’s a way of perceiving a world. Thanks to A.P.P. for new wonderful presentations that open our kids the doors to that world. Encyclopedic Knowledge – Mathematics. Ordinal Numbers. (8/17/2009) Encyclopedic Knowledge – Mathematics. Inches, Feet, and Yards. (8/17/2009) Encyclopedic Knowledge [...]