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A Puzzling World of Fun


Who doesn’t love a puzzle? Whether you’re young or old, puzzles can provide a fun and relaxing form of entertainment and even learning! As a child, puzzles are an educational toy that can be enjoyed alone on a rainy day indoors or together when “there’s nothing to do.” Puzzles help children develop fine motor skills, thinking [...]

Here Comes the Sun! 10% off Coupon

here comes the sun

Buy cool toys and use the coupon code JUNE10 to save 10% off the entire toy order of $40 or more! Kids welcome summer, sports, friends and play! Parents welcome smart toys, active playthings, and developmental fun! Enjoy summer and save! Hurry! Our summer promotion expires soon. Explore, Discover, Play! The outdoor world is full [...]

Kids Love Toy Trucks!

toy truck

Who doesn’t remember lying flat on the floor, making a roaring sound, and gently pushing your big toy truck around? The truth of the matter is toy trucks are so much fun for everyone! Be honest, even we “big kids” get a kick out of making that vrrrooom sound as we play along with the [...]

$100 eGift Card Giveaway! Exp. 7/10/13 [ended]

gift-card_1_4 (1)

$100 Toy Giveaway by Educational Toys Planet is going on now. Choose from thousands of hand-picked toys, puzzles, science kits, games, art & crafts, from dozens of manufacturers! Be sure to share with your audience and get additional points. Educational Toys Planet Giveaway