Black Friday super deals? Wish granted!

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Thanksgiving table decoration ideas

My family loves Thanksgiving. We always try to celebrate it with some special way. This year I was looking for a special Thanksgiving table decoration ideas to make the traditional dinner more memorable and even more visually beautiful. I’d like to share some cool ideas with our blog readers. Thanksgiving candles add warmth to the [...]

Top 5 outdoor fun activities for a snow day

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow! That’s my kids’ mantra.  Prayer.  Dream come true.  They LOVE snow.  They love it so much, that a soon as the snow anywhere in a picture, our after school routine is set: they just must go outside for an hour, and then I am allowed to remind them [...]

Best play activity for toddlers: rice box

I owed this one to my toddler for a while.  Somehow all my boys were always crazy about digging: in a sand, in a baby cereal, on the side of the road.  Give them a couple of free minutes and they’ll dig their way to China.  With my toddler gaining more and more independence, my [...]

Lava lamp science project for young wizards

If you ask my kids about creating homemade lava lamps, they wouldn’t know what you are talking about.  Now that my 9 year old is head over heels in world of Harry Potter books, everything must is tinged with a magic glow.  So, occasionally, we just have to get a little bit of Hogwarts in [...]

Science Fun for Everyone! Science Kits Coupon. Exp. 11/23/2014

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