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Image: Bendomino - Cool Version of Classic Domino Game

Bendomino - Cool Version of Classic Domino Game

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Bendomino - Cool Version of Classic Domino Game
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Description of Bendomino - Cool Version of Classic Domino Game

Multiple award winning toy company G Blue Orange G designed new version of classic domino game. Bendomino is played by regular dominoes game, but it looks sleek and cool. On their turn the players should match the numbers on the domino piece on either end of the curved chain, but also make sure it fits! So, it's a double-strategy game G both shape of the piece and number on it matter. Every time you play this smart game, you create a new pattern. This game is easier to fit on the game table, because you can bend the domino chain! This all time favorite game for children and adults is a great idea for your family game night or just a play date with the friends. So, get ready for thinking challenge! Bendomino game from Educational Toys Planet is played by 2-4 players in 10-20 minutes. This fun game includes 28 bendominoes and instructions.

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Reviews of Bendomino - Cool Version of Classic Domino Game

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  1. by Turek, PA on Feb 7, 2012

  2. by Christine, UT on Jun 4, 2010

    My son loves to play this game. Smart game. Easy to learn how to play. Perfect for the little ones.
  3. by Arianna V., CA on Jan 25, 2010

  4. by Lisa, NY on Oct 20, 2009

    REal fun game for my kids and the whole family.
  5. by Anna, NJ on Jan 15, 2009