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  1. Lamaze Octivity Time Sensory Toy
  2. Musical Interactive Rainbow Baby Stroller Activity Center
  3. Playful Dog Interactive Soft Toy
  4. Skwish Stix Baby High Chair Manipulative Toy
  5. Take Along TV Baby Toy
  6. Lamaze Panda Blankie Baby Soft Toy
  7. Lamaze Captain Calamari Soft Baby Toy
  8. Lamaze Musical Inchworm Sensory Toy
  9. Baby Activity Soft Book - Whose Feet?
  10. Lamaze Freddie Firefly Baby Soft Toy
  11. Funky Inchworm Stroller Pal Baby Toy
  12. Playful Elephant Interactive Soft Toy
  13. Highchair Steering Wheel Baby Toy
  14. Abacus Rattle Baby First Toy
  15. Lamaze Stretch the Giraffe Baby Toy
  16. Baby Whoozit Develop Senses Soft Toy
  17. Whoozit Big Bang Car Seat & Stroller Baby Toy
  18. YouTurns Light & Sound Toy Steering Wheel
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Items 1 - 18 of 31 total

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Why do kids need Stroller and Car Seat Toys?

Oh, we know that it’s not easy with a baby on the go! You have to push the stroller or drive the car, take care of your other kids or talk to a salesperson in a store, and at the same time you need to keep your baby safe and busy. Mission impossible? Well, you have to be equipped for the mission. Stroller and car seat toys are definitely among the most helpful tools that help mommy and baby on the go. Our stroller and car seat toys will not only entertain your child while riding in a car or strolling in the park, but also make him learn as well. What can your baby learn with the stroller or car seat toys? Alphabet and numbers, animals and animal sounds, manipulative skills and more. And also another really valuable thing – to entertain themselves. So get some colorful stroller and car seat toy and make traveling fun for your baby!