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Antoid InsultaBotz Kit

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Antoid InsultaBotz Kit
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Description of Antoid InsultaBotz Kit

The InsultaBotz creeps forward with its six insect-like legs and will avoid objects in its way. It can detect objects with its infrared eye and move accordingly, and while it does so, it insults you! The robot from the Antoid InsultaBotz Kit by Elenco comes with a re-recordable voice chip that allows you to pre-record any message or multiple messages (up to 15 seconds) and Insultabotz will repeat them in sequence every time it comes to an obstacle. Of course, they do not have to be insulting messages-but Insultabotz is not shy about giving you a piece of your own mind. Remember that not only can your parents hear what Insultabotz says, they can record messages on Insultabotz as well. So, listen carefully, the insult you hear may not be your own. Requires 1 9V and 2 AA batteries (not included). Requires common tools (cutting pliers, small hammer, long nose pliers and screwdriver).

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