Airport Magnetic Set

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Airport Magnetic Set
Recommended Age3 years +
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Dimensions of Box10" x 12" x 0.2"
Made inChina
Part Numberdsc-w-ip-m86011
Weight0.88 lb

Description of Airport Magnetic Set

Let your imagination fly! 27 magnets include all things found in an airport - from planes and flight attendants to baggage pieces and travelers of all kinds. Children love magnets! They are great fun! Imaginetics is a prominent magnetic toy manufacturer that offers fun new range of high quality fold out magnetic play boards with a sheet of magnetic stickers. Collect and enjoy Airport set as well as lots of other exciting magnetic toy characters! Re-use the magnetic toys over and over again. Slide them across the play board, mix and match them as you add to your Imaginetics collection! Stick them on other surfaces too, they look great on the fridge door Large size for floor or table play Small size easy for young children to hold, good for travel playHave a blast with this Airport large magnetic playset and many others made by Imaginetics!

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